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Sample Storage Pod Systems

    Catalog, store and protect briquetted powder samples, metallographic specimens, gems, optical glasses and many other delicate items

    Specimens are enveloped on two sides by a clear pliable polymer

    Automatically suspends enveloped item in the center of a protective clear hard plastic pod case

    Available as individual pods or in storage cases containing 5 or 10 pods

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Sample Storage Pods are an innovative approach to catalog, store and protect powdered sample briquettes and standards against shock, abrasion and breakage. Other specimen storage potentials include: metallographic specimens, precious gems, optical glasses, delicate part objets and many other types of specimens and items for hobbyists.

A uniquely designed clear rigid plastic pod consists of two equal halves individually containing a soft clear taut polymer thin-film across the pod’s parting line. A specimen placed on either thin-film plane remains suspended in the center of the interior of the pod after closing the two halves together. The sample is totally encased between the two membranes. Each pod spaciously accommodates up to a 45mm diameter specimen. Sample storage pods are pre-assembled with 5 or 10 pods in Kits. Replacement or spare sample pods are also available.

Sample Storage Pods are processed in a Class 1000 Clean Room and immediately packed to virtually eliminate the potential possibility of introducing contamination to the stored contents.

Cat. No. Description Price Qty
2030-1 Sample Pod Replacement (single pod)
2030-5 Sample Storage Kit with 5 Sample Pods
2030-10 Sample Storage Kit with 10 Sample Pods