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Agate Mortar and Pestle Sets

    • Natural quartz
    • Highly resistant to wear and abrasion
    • Extremely hard; 6 on the Mohs scale
    • Available in different sizes

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Agate is a naturally occurring form of quartz noted for its extremely high degree of resistance to abrasion, wear and superior hardness; 6-7 on the Mohr scale.
Agate is also very resistant to most chemicals with the exception of hydrofluoric acid that tends to etch the material. Each mortar and pestle is meticulously polished to a high degree to avert potential sample particle entrapment and cross contamination from successive sample processing.

The principal composition of agate is silicon with minor element constituents each typically less than 0.02% of magnesium, aluminum, sodium, calcium, iron and potassium. Collectively, this permits a diversified number of sample substances of differing hardness to be safely and effectively comminuted with a minimal amount of contamination to the sample.

Note: Agate is an extremely hard substance prone to fracture in handling or when subject to impact and/or extremities in temperature. Extra care should be exercised in the judicious use and applications of these products. They are not guaranteed against fracture or breakage. The buyer assumes full responsibility in the purchase and use of these products regardless of their suggested use. Chemplex® Industries, Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever.

Cat. No. Description Diameter Price Qty
8050 AGATE MORTAR & PESTLE, 1.97" Dia. 50mm
8100 AGATE MORTAR & PESTLE, 3.94" Dia. 100mm
8150 AGATE MORTAR & PESTLE, 5.91" Dia. 150mm