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Ball Pestles for Grinding and Blending Samples in SpectroVial® Containers

    • Clear plastic methylmethacrylate for blending samples in polystyrene SpectroVials®

    • Stainless steel for grinding medium hard samples in stainless steel SpectroVials®

    • Tungsten carbide for grinding hard samples in titanium SpectroVials®

    • Assorted diameters corresponding to SpectroVial® volumetric capacities


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Ball pestles serve as the grinding media with the use of SpectroVial® Grinding and Blending Vials and the SpectroMill® Ball Pestle Impact Grinder and Mixer. The selection of a ball pestle material is related to the type of SpectroVial® material; they should be materialistically similar with respect to their hardness. The effectiveness of the grinding process to achieve an analytically acceptable particle size depends on the initial sample charge, grinding vial and ball pestle materials, number of ball pestles and processing time. Empirical testing and evaluation is urged to ascertain the best statistically reproducible analytical x-ray data.

Plastic methylmethacrylate ball pestles are intended to be used with SpectroVial® polystyrene vials. By comparison to metallic vials and their corresponding ball pestle materials, plastic is relatively soft and not very effective in the comminution process. Its principal application is for blending sample material substances or for comminuting soft samples. Stainless steel ball pestles are principally used for comminuting relatively hard sample substances in annealed stainless steel and SlipFit® stainless steel SpectroVial® comminuting vials. Tungsten carbide ball pestles in combination with SpectroVial® titanium carbide vials share hardness similarities and much more effective grinding media for extremely hard and difficult to grind samples.

Cat. No. Description Price Price for
Qty 20+
1205 BALL PESTLES, Plastic, 5mm; 100/pkg
1207 BALL PESTLES, Plastic, 7mm; 100/pkg
1208 BALL PESTLES, Plastic, 8mm; 100/pkg
1211 BALL PESTLES, Plastic, 11mm; 100/pkg
1235 BALL PESTLES, TungCarbide, 5mm; 6/pkg
1236 BALL PESTLES, TungCarbide, 7mm; 6/pkg
1237 BALL PESTLES, TungCarbide, 8mm; 6/pkg
1238 BALL PESTLES, TungCarbide, 11mm; 6/pkg
1239 BALL PESTLES, TungCarbide, 12.7mm; 6/pkg
1245 BALL PESTLES, Stainless Steel, 5mm; 6/pkg
1247 BALL PESTLES, Stainless Steel, 7mm; 6/pkg
1248 BALL PESTLES, Stainless Steel, 8mm; 6/pkg
1251 BALL PESTLES, Stainless Steel, 11mm; 6/pkg
1252 BALL PESTLES, Stainless Steel, 12.7mm; 6/pkg