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SpectroVial® XRF Sample Grinding and Blending Vials

    For use with all SpectroMill® grinders

    Rounded interior end caps avert particle “caking” effects

    Polystyrene, annealed stainless steel and titanium carbide

    Assorted volumetric capacities


    Item Quantity Discount:

    Order a unique item quantity of 20-39 packages of Polystyrene SpectroVial® Comminution Vials, and receive $5.00 off the standard price per package.

     Order a unique item quantity of 40 or more packages of Polystyrene SpectroVial® Comminution Vials, and receive $10.00 off the standard price per package.

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Crystal clear, hard and rigid; thick walled and reinforced ribbed exterior ends; designed to withstand repeated ball pestle impact. Friction fitting caps have tabs that facilitate assembly and disassembly. Ideal for blending applications and suitable for comminuting soft sample materials. Methylmethacrylate ball pestles suggested.

SpectroVial® Stainless Steel Comminution Vials
General purpose comminuting and blending moderately hard samples applications. Threaded caps have concaved interior ends. Stainless steel ball pestles suggested.

SlipFit® Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel SpectroVial® Comminution Vials
SlipFit® vials are used for general purpose comminuting and blending moderately hard samples. They also have the added convenience of easily slipping the caps onto the vial bodies. They are fabricated from a rust-resistant stainless steel for cleansing with water and easy cleanups. Interior ends of both caps and vial bodies are concaved. Stainless steel ball pestles suggested.

SpectroVial® Titanium Carbide Comminution Vials
Titanium carbide is an exceptionally hard substance having a Rockwell "C" hardness similar to tungsten carbide that makes it very suitable to process very hard sample materials. The threaded caps and vials have concaved interior ends. Titanium carbide is prone to fracture and is supplied without any warranty expressed or implied. Tungsten carbide ball pestles suggested.

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Chemplex® offers a wide selection of SpectroVial® comminution and blending vials for use with its SpectroMill® Ball Pestle Impact Grinders. They are available in a variety of sizes and material substances to accommodate a wide variety of sample materials. All SpectroVial® grinding and blending vials are uniquely designed with concaved interior ends in both the body and cap that are also fabricated from the same material. Corresponding ball pestles are also available and offered in compatible materials to the vials. 

The importance of concaved interior ends is to ensure that no sample particles can elude the ball pestle comminution process by entrapment and caking in the corners similar to the expected events with the use of traditional "medicine" vials. 

The mechanics of the SpectroMill® Ball Pestle Impact Grinders are designed to propel one or more ball pestles though a "figure-8" path of travel for impact against the curved interior ends of the vials. The spherical shape of the balls is responsible for sample "mulling" against the curvature of the interior vial ends. 

The combination of ball pestle impacts and mulling actions effectively comminute the sample substance for uniformity of particle size, configuration and distribution producing a thoroughly homogeneous mixture.

Cat. No. Length Diameter Type Volume (cm3) Ball Pestle Format Price Price for
Qty 20+
Price for
Qty 40+
1121 48 15 Plastic 2 1205 SlipFit
$60.00 $55.00
1122 48 22 Plastic 5 1207 SlipFit
$65.00 $60.00
1133 75 26 Plastic 10 1208 SlipFit
$70.00 $65.00
1134 75 33 Plastic 20 1211 SlipFit
$80.00 $75.00
1143-SS 55 22 Stainless Steel 8 1247 (INCL.) SlipFit
1146-SS 84 38 Stainless Steel 15 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1149-SS 94 56 Stainless Steel 30 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1143-WC 55 22 Tungsten Carbide 8 1247 (INCL.) SlipFit
1146-WC 84 38 Tungsten Carbide 15 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1149-WC 94 56 Tungsten Carbide 30 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1143-TiC 55 22 Titanium Carbide 8 1247 (INCL.) SlipFit
1146-TiC 84 38 Titanium Carbide 15 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1149-TiC 94 56 Titanium Carbide 30 1252 (INCL.) SlipFit
1151 54 16 Titanium Carbide 2 1235 (INCL.) Threaded
1152 57 22 Titanium Carbide 5 1236 (INCL.) Threaded
1161 51 16 Stainless Steel 2 1245 (INCL.) Threaded
1162 51 22 Stainless Steel 5 1247 (INCL.) Threaded
1173 76 26 Stainless Steel 10 1248 (INCL.) Threaded
1174 84 38 Stainless Steel 20 1251 & 1252 (INCL.) Threaded
1175 66 54 Stainless Steel 30 1247 & 1252 (INCL.) Threaded