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800: Liquid Binder® Additive; 1 pint

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    Ideal solution to difficult-to-bond samples

    Aqueous polymer coats individual sample particles

    Sample particles tenaciously adhere to each other

    Briquetted samples are firmly bonded and “plasticized”

     1 Pint

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For powdered samples deficient in briquette forming constituents and dilution with an additive presents a problem, Liquid Binder® offers an alternative. Blend a small amount Liquid Binder® with the sample until a homogeneous slurry. Evaporate the carrier and de-agglomerate the sample by grinding. Liquid Binder® coats each sample particle with a completely organic polymeric binding ingredient that tenaciously holds it together. Form into a briquette in the usual manner. Sample pellet is firm, extremely hard and resistant to breakage. 1cc Liquid Binder® contains 100mg polymeric ingredient, (C6H9ON), in methylene chloride solvent.

® Liquid Binder is a registered trademark of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Notice: Liquid Binder® contains methylene chloride. Use in a well-ventilated area, avoid inhalation and contact. Send for MSDS prior to purchase.