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The following listing of instrumentation manufacturers is provided to assist spectroscopists considering the initial purchase or expansion of their laboratory to include new x-ray instruments. The participant companies have provided the necessary information to conveniently establish direct contact by email, phone and fax together with representative instrument images and brief descriptions. Websites are included to further explore their complete product lines and other pertinent information.

From time to time, the featured items may change in accordance with the manufacturer’s selection of Showcase products. Be sure to routinely check this page to remain abreast of new instrument introductions, technological advancements and participant additions.  

Bruker Logo

Bruker AXS Inc.

5465 East Cheryl Parkway Madison, WI 53711-5373 USA

Tel: Toll Free +1 (800) 234-XRAY   Tel: +1 (608) 276-3000   Fax: +1(608) 276-3006

Email: info.baxs@bruker.com   Web: www.bruker.com

S8 TIGER – Superior analytical performance for elemental analysis

Bruker S8 Tiger

Designed for demanding applications in process and quality control, the S8 TIGER wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer analyzes all elements from beryllium to uranium in almost all types of samples. Unique features of the S8 TIGER include TouchControl™ and SampleCare™, combining ease of use and robust reliability with superior analytical performance.
For more information, visit https://www.bruker.com/products/x-ray-diffraction-and-elemental-analysis/x-ray-fluorescence/s8-tiger/overview.html

S2 PUMA – Multi-element analysis for all kinds of samples

Bruker S2 Puma

The S2 PUMA (LE) energy dispersive X-ay fluorescence (EDXRF) benchtop spectrometer offers all you need to measure and monitor elements, from carbon to americium, in your samples. HighSense™ direct-excitation beam path and XFlash detector technology built into the S2 PUMA provide unmatched detection limits, precision and speed.
 For more information, visit https://www.bruker.com/products/x-ray-diffraction-and-elemental-analysis/x-ray-fluorescence/s2-puma/overview.html

 Bruker Logo

Bruker Handheld-Mobile-Portable Division

415 N. Quay St, Kennewick, WA USA

Website: www.bruker.com/hhxrf

Email: sales.hmp@bruker.com

Phone: +1-509-783-9850 x6251

S1 TITAN Handheld XRF analyzer

Bruker S1 Titan

The S1 TITAN series is designed to quickly and accurately report the elemental analysis of your sample.
Whether you need to analyze powder or liquid samples, the S1 TITAN will deliver fast and accurate results. Weighing in at just 1.5kg, the S1 TITAN is among the lightest tube-based XRF analyzers on the market. Designed as a “point and shoot” analyzer, the S1 TITAN requires minimal setup and operator training.
For more information, please visit http://www.bruker.com/s1titan



  Hitachi 6000VX XRF Analyzer

 Eastern Applied Research, Inc., Distributor of Hitachi High-Technologies ED-XRF and Micro-XRF Analyzers

Website: www.easternapplied.com

Email: sales@easternapplied.com

Phone: 716-201-1115

Formerly known as the Seiko Nano-Technology line, the Hitachi High-Tech line of energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analyzers has been built on a tradition of high precision and long term reliability.  Eastern Applied Research, Inc offers the complete line of ED-XRF and Micro-XRF analyzers for elemental analysis, industrial quality control, and hazardous substance identification.

The Hitachi EA-Series includes various configurations of analyzers for elemental analysis and features the Hitachi EA6000VX analyzer.  This model provides high throughput capabilities to increase laboratory efficiencies, including a high resolution Vortex silicon drift detector, high precision mapping functions, continuous multi-point measurement, and streamlined software.

Review additional details at www.easternapplied.com and contact Application Specialists to discuss an application interest in detail.

  EDAX Logo

EDAX, Inc.

91 McKee Drive
Mahwah, NJ 07430

Telephone: 201-529-4880

Contact email: Info.edax@ametek.com

Website: www.edax.com

ORBIS Micro-EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

Edax Orbis

Now you can get advanced non-destructive elemental analysis with the flexibility to work across a wide range of sample types and shapes. There is minimal sample preparation. No coating is required. Orbis Micro Energy Dispersive (Micro-EDXRF) Analyzers incorporate fast, simultaneous multi-element X-ray detection with the sensitivity to analyze from parts-per-million to 100% concentrations. Users can conduct elemental analysis on small samples, such as particles, fragments, and inclusions, or automated multi-point and imaging analysis on larger samples, with all of the benefits and simplicity of an XRF analyzer.

These benchtop instruments can measure elements from Na to Bk in either air or low-vacuum conditions. With the penetrating power of X-rays and larger spot size, Orbis analyzers are more appropriate than scanning electron microscopes for samples with larger-scale features. EDAX’s powerful, easy-to-use Vision software provides precise elemental analysis.


HORIBA Instruments, Inc.
9755 Research Drive, Irvine, CA  92618

Phone:  949-250-4811
FAX:  949-468-1790

Contact email: labinfo@horiba.com

Website: www.horiba.com/us/oil

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. a subsidiary of HORIBA Limited of Kyoto, Japan, specializes in EDXRF laboratory equipment which can measure all your elemental analysis requirements.  The new SLFA-60 and the SLFA-2100/2800 X-ray analyzer can measure sulfur from low PPM to - 9.999% quickly and accurately.  The MESA-7220 can measure concentrations of sulfur and chlorine down to 1 PPM as a dedicated single element system or via simultaneous analysis in a wide variety of petroleum fuel applications, including oxygenated motor fuels, biofuels and organics.  And if your demands are for the power of a benchtop with ease and portability, the X-5000 offers a rugged, multi-element field analysis in virtually every environment.

 Oxford Banner

Oxford Instruments 300 Baker Ave, Suite 150, Concord, MA 01742, USA

Phone: 978-369-9933

email: industrial@oxinst.com

Wesite: oxford-instruments.com

Oxford Instruments is a leading manufacturer of high-technology benchtop and portable instruments used by industrial sector for quality control through material analysis and coating thickness gauging across a broad array of industries.  The Oxford Instruments product line includes an array of analytical instruments designed to improve processes, provide cost savings, and to ensure products meet specification through X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technologies.  Call 978-369-9933 or email industrial@oxinst.com

PANalytical Logo

PANalytical B.V. Lelyweg 1 7602 EA ALMELO The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)546 – 534 444
 Fax: +31 (0)546 – 534 598

Contact: Email: info@panalytical.com Website: www.panaytical.com


New Epsilon 1 range – small and powerful XRF analysis

PANalytical Epsilon 1

For a range of key analytical processes, being sulfur in fuels, additives in lubricating oils, research and education and mining Epsilon 1 EDXRF packages offer a cost-effective , pre-calibrated analysis solution. Epsilon 1 produces fast, precise and accurate data with minimal operator dependence and sample preparation.

The factory pre-calibrated solutions consist of an Epsilon 1 spectrometer with touchscreen, a validation sample and a starting kit for preparing the first 100 liquid/powder cups for analysis. Moreover, Epsilon 1 spectrometer’s small and powerful design, makes it also an ideal tool to place close to checkpoints for process and quality control. 

 Applied Rigaku Logo

 Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. 9825 Spectrum Dr. Bldg. 4 Ste. 475 Austin, Texas 78717 USA

 Phone: 512-225-1796 Fax: 512-225-1797

 e-mail: info@rigakuedxrf.com Web: www.rigakuedxrf.com

 Applied Rigaku Image

 Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of bench top and process Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) and X-ray Transmission (XRT) spectrometers for research, academia, and industrial process control. Our bench top portfolio includes the compact NEX QC Series for routine process control needs, the advanced NEX DE Series for bulk and small spot applications and the NEX CG Indirect Excitation spectrometer for complex applications and research. Our process portfolio includes the NEX XT Sulfur in Oil XRT analyzer and the NEX OL Multi-Element EDXRF analyzer for liquid streams and moving webs. 

 Applied Rigaku Logo

9009 New Trails Drive The Woodlands, TX 77381

Tel: (281) 362-2300

e-Mail: info@rigaku.com

Website: www.rigaku.com

Rigaku Image

ZSX Primus IV – High-performance WDXRF for rapid quantitative elemental analysis
As a tube-above sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer, the Rigaku ZSX Primus IV delivers rapid quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements, from beryllium (Be) through uranium (U), in a wide variety of sample types — with minimal standards.

Supermini200 – High-power benchtop sequential WDXRF spectrometer
The Supermini200 is the world's only high-power benchtop sequential wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for elemental analysis of oxygen (O) through uranium (U) of almost any material.


SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc.

91 McKee Drive

Mahwah, NJ 07430

Toll Free: 800-548-5809

Tel: 201-642-3000
Fax: 201-642-3091

e-Mail: spectro-usa.sales@ametek.com

Website: www.spectro.com


The SPECTRO XEPOS HE is an advanced XRF spectrometer for demanding applications particularly for the analysis of environmental and process-critical elements. Powerful components deliver new levels of sensitivity and accuracy especially for medium and heavy elements. Optimum excitation using polarization and secondary targets, an auto-sampler for up to 12 items, pre-installed application packages and intelligent software modules, makes the SPECTRO XEPOS HE one of the most advanced element analyzers available. Applications include among others; the analysis of geological samples, soils, sewage sludge, waste and used oil, as well as RoHS compliance testing.


Raising the bar in elemental analysis


The NEW Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT’X Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence benchtop spectrometer is now more compact and even more powerful.


Every aspect of the spectrometer has been redesigned to ensure that the ARL QUANT’X delivers unparalleled performance and the lowest cost of ownership, while retaining its versatility to accommodate a wide range of irregular sample shapes and sizes.

The enhanced Thermo Scientific WinTrace software suite provides intuitive access to all the features of the ARL QUANT’X, making the combination ideal for both routine and demanding research applications.

Find out more at thermofisher.com/quantx



 XOS Logo

XOS, Inc.

15 Tech Valley Drive

East Greenbush, NY 12061 USA

Tel: +1 (518) 880-1500

Email: info@xos.com   Web: www.xos.com

XOS is a leading manufacturer of application-specific X-ray analyzers, offering elemental analysis solutions that improve public safety and customer efficiency in industries like petroleum, consumer products, and environmental compliance. For petroleum applications, XOS offers portable, lab, and process analyzers with unrivaled precision at the push of a button. XOS also offers High Definition XRF (HDXRF®) analyzers for the detection of toxic elements in consumer products, such as toys and apparel and areas of environmental regulation, like soil and water. XOS’s advanced optics and OEM sub-systems can increase precision, speed, and spatial resolution, while decreasing the size, complexity, and cost of the instrument.  XOS: Better Analysis Counts.

XOS Sindie-Gen-3

Featuring the XOS Sindie ® 7039 Gen 3 Benchtop Sulfur Analyzer.