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875: PELLETAID™ Die Conditioner; 10 gm/vial

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    Minimize sample particle adhesion to briquetting die pellet

    Re-condition performance of die

    Lubricious organic formulation

    Simple dusting with a cotton swab

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A simple "dusting" application to the metal pellet included with a die set prevents the sample from sticking. Consisting of a lubricious organic substance, PelletAid™ sample pellet release agent and die conditioner does not introduce unwanted analyte-lines of significant detection.

When sparingly applied to the inside walls of a die set, movement of the pellets and plunger is greatly facilitated. PelletAid die conditioner has an unusual affinity to adhere to metal components and serves as a dry focused lubricant.

PelletAid is a trademark of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Chemical Constituents

C - 70.6%

H - 11.5%

O - 10.4%

Na - 7.5%