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Pre-Briquette Powder Sample Compactor

    Avert wafer-thin sample briquettes

    Pre-compact low density powdered samples

    Form thicker, denser sample briquettes

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Variations in powdered sample densities frequently present difficulty in forming sturdy briquettes to a uniform standard thickness. Sample briquettes are generally wafer thin, delicate to handle and potentially subject to breakage during analysis. Although briquetting in aluminum PelletCups® adds physical support it can not compensate for the limited sample mass for thicker pellets. In response, Chemplex® offers a series of hand-held devices to maximally compact powdered samples in sample cups prior to final briquetting.

The PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors are self-aligning, self-centering hand-held devices that serve to tamp a powdered sample in a compressible aluminum tapered sample cup in progressive stages to ensure full compaction before final briquetting in a hydraulic press. Manufactured from quality stainless steel and precision honed to correspond to the dimensions and close tolerances of Chemplex® compressible aluminum tapered PelletCups® and annealed stainless steel die sets.

Available in 32, 35, 40 and 45mm diameters corresponding to Chemplex® compressible tapered aluminum PelletCups® briquetting cups.

® PelletCups and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Cat. No. Description Price Qty
2513 PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors; 13mm Dia.
2532 PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors; 32mm Dia.
2535 PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors; 35mm Dia.
2540 PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors; 40mm Dia.
2545 PelletCups® Powdered Sample Compactors; 45mm Dia.