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Platinum Ware : Accessories

    • Accessories to be used with Platinum Ware
    • Tongs of different lengths
    • Re-shaping molds to restore your original Platinum ware to its original shape

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Chemplex® has a variety of tongs that are used to prevent contamination of the precious metal equipment when placing it in the furnace or removing it from the furnace. The Chemplex® crucible tongs are fitted with platinum shoes or solid platinum tips.

It is recommeneded to purchase the re-shaper option with the purchase of your new platinum ware. During normal use, the precious metal laboratory equipment is sensitive to mechanical deformation due to their use at high temperatures and resulting in loss of their original hardness. The walls of the crucibles and dishes can become wrinkled after they have been used several times, thus making cleaning more difficult. The shape can be restored by carefully using a wooden stick to form the platinum at room temperature using the optional plastic re-shapers, or formers, that match the crucible and dish sizes.

Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP)

Instead of purchasing new platinum ware the Chemplex® Platinum Replacement Exchange program may be right for you. Please click here for details on the PREP or contact our team of experts at fusion@chemplex.com

Cat. No. Description Qty
78-01-230 Tongs, Platinum Tipped, Length 230mm, Weight (W): 2gm, +/-5%
78-01-300 Tongs, Platinum Tipped, Length 300mm, Weight (W): 3gm, +/-5%
78-01-400 Tongs, Platinum Tipped, Length 400mm, Weight (W): 8gm, +/-5%
78-01-500 Tongs, Platinum Tipped, Length 500mm, Weight (W): 9gm, +/-5%
78-01-600 Tongs, Platinum Tipped, Length 600mm; Weight (W): 11gm, +/-5%