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SpectroPellet® Protective Die Pellet Film

    Protect die pellet surface

    Minimize sample particle adhesion

    Avert cross contamination

    Lessen time consuming clean-ups

    32, 35 and 40mm diameters

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Some powdered sample materials exhibit tendencies to adhere to the pellet die surface during the briquetting operation. This condition frequently results in repeated attempts to form a satisfactory sample briquette with increasing potential threats of cross contamination and elaborate time consuming clean ups. A novel approach to resolving this problem is by using Chemplex® SpectroPellet® Film in precut circles. SpectroPellet® Film is characterized with a low coefficient of unwanted sample adhesion and high resistance to puncture. By simply inserting a SpectroPellet® Film precut circle between the die pellet and powdered sample substance, a barrier is formed that protects the contact surfaces of the pellet die and briquetted sample. The unique combination of qualities of SpectroPellet® Film maintains the briquetted sample material and pellet die surfaces intact by eliminating sample particle adhesion; pellet die clean ups are greatly facilitated.

Each precut SpectroPellet® Film circle is supported on a paper carrier frame for convenience of handling and application. Available in three different sizes for use with: 32, 35 and 40mm diameter dies.

® SpectroPellet and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.


 1. Place a small droplet of ordinary methyl, ethyl or isobutyl alcohol on the center of a clean surface of a die pellet. The alcohol serves as a temporary adhesive for attaching a SpectroPellet® Film.

 2. Transfer a SpectroPellet® Film to the die pellet by first sliding a small amount of the precut circle from the package from one point of the pellet and across to the opposite end.

 3. Repeat the procedure to the surface of the second die pellet (or integrated die cap) and briquette the sample in the usual manner. The SpectroPellet® Film is easily removed and clean ups are minimal.

Cat. No. Description Price Qty
7032 SpectroPellet® Protective Die Pellet Film for 32mm dies; 500 per pkg
7035 SpectroPellet® Protective Die Pellet Film for 35mm dies; 500 per pkg
7040 SpectroPellet® Protective Die Pellet Film for 40mm dies; 500 per pkg