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1300: Snap-On Ring Fastener

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    ● Simplifies thin-film window attachment
    ● Applies uniform pressure for wrinkle-free sample planes
    ● Useable for all "Snap-On Ring" sample cups
    ● Solid hard-coated aluminum

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This handy device facilitates attaching thin-film windows to sample cups utilizing "Snap-On Rings". It consists of a paddle lever connected to a flat circular disk. When the lever is pushed down, the disk applies even pressure against the "Snap-On Ring" and it is gently uniformly pushed into position resulting in a taut thin-film sample plane.

® Chemplex is a registered trademark of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

The Chemplex® "Snap-On Ring" fastener is Simple, Fast and convenient to use. Simply place the sample cup on the grooved platform. Position the thin-film and "Snap-On ring" over the sample cup opening. Repress the lever and then release it.

For use with Sample Cups:  1330, 1330-SE, 1430, 1430-SE, 1440, 1530, 1530-SE, 1540, 1730, 1730-SE, 1740, 1830, 1830-SE, 1840, 1930, 1930-SE, 1940, 1850