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XRF Sample Cup Work Stations

    ● Accommodate 24 to 45mm diameter sample cups
    ● Avoid contamination issues
    ● Organize sample cup order
    ● Use as sample cup tray and filling station
    ● Single and multiple cavity work stations

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Conically shaped cavities enable a wide range of sample cup sizes, eliminate thin-film contact with the lab bench top surface and avoid sample mix ups. The work stations are fabricated from solid aluminum, hard coated and available in single and numbered multi-cavity units.

A work station consists of one or more individually conical shaped concavities that allow acceptance of any size sample cups of the same or dissimilar diameters ranging from 0.94” (24mm) to 1.78” (45mm). All of them feature a conical shaped cavity that allows the smaller diameter sample cups to rest lower into the cavity than the larger sample cup diameters while maintaining the sample cups level in position. Multi-cavity work stations allow for the advanced preparation of a large number of samples in readiness for transporting to the instrumentation for x-ray analysis and a means for storage for future referral.

The Single Sample Cup Workstation has a compact size and is suitable for instruments designed for single sample accommodations with adequate time in between analysis for preparing additional samples.

The Multiple Sample Cup Workstations have numbered cavities for identification purposes. Ideally suitable for use with instruments that accommodates multiple samples and for laboratories equipped with multiple instruments for convenience and to avoid potential inadvertent sample mis-identifications.

Cat. No. Description Price Qty
1360 XRF Sample Cup Work Station, One (1) Cavity, 3" Dia, 4/pkg
1370 XRF Sample Cup Work Station, Six (6) Cavity, 3" Dia, 2/pkg
1380 XRF Sample Cup Work Station, Twelve (12) Cavity, 3" Dia, 1/pkg