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SERIES 1000: TrimLess® Sleeve Sample Cups

    • TrimLess® sleeve completely envelops thin-film
    • Eliminates thin-film trimming
    • No annoying clippings and annoying static cling
    • ThermoPlastic® seal venting
    • Available in Single and Double Open-Ends
    • Packaged 100 sets/bag

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Choice of single-open ended Cell with Integrated External Overflow Reservoir and a ThermoPlastic® Seal. Simply puncture the ThermoPlastic® seal to vent the sample cup to equalize the pressure within the sample cup and sample chamber and maintain a taut thin-film sample support plane during analysis.

The double open-ended version enables pre-attachment of thin-film sample support windows and the convenience of top sample filling for use in inert helium flush or atmospheric pressure. The Integrated Flanges on the Cell and Sleeve serve several functions:

• Ease of handling

• Indicate which end of the sleeve is slipped on the Cell first.

• Complete envelopment of the thin-film sample support substance in between the sleeve and cell neck. There is no extraneous thin-film to trim and contend with the clippings and annoying static cling.

• Ensure correct assembly of the sample cup with the open ends of the Sleeve and Cell Neck on the same plane.

Catalog number 1095 is also included in the TrimLess® Sample Cup Series. It boasts a double open-ended sample cell for pre-attachment of thin-film sample support windows and includes a vented friction fitting cap with a knob.

An alternate to the 1095 sample cup is the 2195 SpectroCup® Integrated Internal Overflow Reservoir. The Integrated Internal Overflow Reservoir is designed to collect any overfills within the Cell. The 1095 and 2195 are both comparable in use and applications for Rigaku, PANalytical Venus 200 systems and other x-ray units with sample cup holders accepting similar dimensions.

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*Please see the "Additional Info" tab for sample cup compatibility details.

Cat. No. 1060, 1065, 1075: Spectro Xepos, X-Lab 2000, Xepos Low S, 200, 200T Titan, Phoenix instruments, Xenemetrix X-Calibur, X-Cite

Cat. No. 1080, 1083, 1085: Other Instruments Applicable to Sulfur Analysis in Petroleum Product

Cat. No. 1095: Panalytical Venus 200 and Rigaku Primus series, ZSX-100 and Rix series instruments. See 2195 sample cups as alternatives.


Item Quantity Discount:

Order a unique item quantity of 20-39, and receive $5.00 off the standard price per bag.

Order a unique item quantity of 40 or more, and receive $10.00 off the standard price per bag.


Cat. No. Open Ends Outside Dia. Max O.D. Aperture Vol Height Price Price for
Qty 20+
Price for
Qty 40+
1060 Double 1.23" (31.2mm) 1.23" (31.2mm) 0.96" (24.4mm) 9 0.93" (23.6mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1065 Single 1.23" (31.2mm) 1.23" (31.2mm) 0.96" (24.4mm) 8 0.93" (23.6mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1070 Double 1.52" (38.6mm) 1.52" (38.6mm) 1.19" (30.2mm) 13 0.90" (22.9mm)
$55.00 $50.00
1075 Single 1.51" (38.4mm) 1.51" (38.4mm) 1.21" (30.7mm) 13 0.90" (22.9mm)
$55.00 $50.00
1080 Double 1.69" (42.9mm) 1.84" (46.7mm) 1.43" (36.3mm) 15 0.80" (20.3mm)
$55.00 $50.00
1083 Single 1.69" (42.9mm) 1.84" (46.7mm) 1.43" (36.3mm) 12 0.73" (18.5mm)
$55.00 $50.00
1085 Single 1.69" (42.9mm) 1.84" (46.7mm) 1.43" (36.3mm) 12 0.80" (20.3mm)
$55.00 $50.00
1095 Double 1.71" (43.4mm) 1.76" (44.6mm) 1.50" (38.1mm) 30 1.57" (39.9mm)
$60.00 $55.00