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SERIES 1300: TrimLess® Sleeved Sample Cups

    Re-sealable cap with integrated vent

    External overflow reservoir integrated in cap

    “Snap-On Ring” with bead-to-indent geometry

    Available in nominal 32 and 40mm diameters

    Serrated edged “Snap-On Rings” alternatively available to facilitate thin-film trimming


    100 sets per bag

     Item Quantity Discount:

    Order a unique item quantity of 20-39, and receive $5.00 off the standard price per bag.

    Order a unique item quantity of 40 or more, and receive $10.00 off the standard price per bag.


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The Series 1300 XRF Sample Cups include a re-sealable cap that integrates an external overflow reservoir with the option for venting. With the re-sealable cap rotated in the open position, an evacuation passageway is established from within the Cell through the cap leading into the reservoir. By re-positioning the cap, the passageway is closed for sample storage and future referral.

The Cell neck and “Snap-On Ring” are uniquely designed with the Chemplex developed “bead-to-indent” geometry responsible for forming taut thin-film sample window planes and leak-resistant seals.

The assembled sample cup with the cap attached, creates a series of internal physical barriers intended to retard inadvertent sample particle disruption and withdrawal into the sample chamber.

                        Assembled Cup                                          Cap

         Assembled sample cup illustrates the                            Underside view of cap

       Integrated overflow reservoir in position                      illustrates physical barriers


To facilitate trimming extraneous thin-film, the 32mm diameter sample cups are alternatively provided with patented serrated cutting edges integrated in the upper portion of the “Snap-On Rings.” To order 32mm diameter sample cups with serrated edged thin-film assembling rings, request catalog number “1330-SE.”

                                                      SE Ring

                                          Serrated edged “Snap-On Ring” is responsible

                                                    for detaching extraneous thin-film


* Reg. US Patent No: 7,981,380 B2

® Chemplex and Trimless are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

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Cat. No. Open Ends Outside Dia. Max O.D. Aperture Vol Height Price Price for
Qty 20+
Price for
Qty 40+
1330 Double 1.21" (30.7mm) 1.21" (30.7mm) 0.97" (24.6mm) 7 0.90" (22.9mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1330-SE Double 1.21" (30.7mm) 1.21" (30.7mm) 0.97" (24.6mm) 7 0.90" (22.9mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1340 Double 1.54" (39.1mm) 1.54" (39.1mm) 1.26" (32.0mm) 12 0.91" (23.1mm)
$55.00 $50.00