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SERIES 1700: Single Open-Ended Sample Cups

    Single open-ended

    “Snap-Post” venting provision

    External overflow reservoir

    “Snap-On Ring” thin-film attachment


    100 sets per bag


    Item Quantity Discount:

    Order a unique item quantity of 20-39, and receive $5.00 off the standard price per bag.


    Order a unique item quantity of 40 or more, and receive $10.00 off the standard price per bag.

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Venting is performed by simply jiggling the “Snap-Post” integrated with the ThermoPlastic® seal from side to side. The seal is automatically ruptured permitting a direct passageway from within the sample cup to the sample chamber. Pressure equalization is established and maintains a flat taut sample support window plane. The Integrated External Overflow Reservoir collects thermally sensitive liquids having tendencies to expand.

The Collar provided, pre-affixes a thin-film substrate to the Cell in preparation for attaching the furnished locking “Snap-On Ring.” Alternatively, a pre-attached thin-film may be used to support evaporated droplets or micro powdered samples for thin-layered preparations enveloped in between another thin-film with both secured in place by the attachment of the included “Snap-On Ring.”

The “Snap-On Ring” and Cell neck utilize the unique Chemplex® “bead-to-indent” geometry responsible for firmly securing thin-film sample support window planes to the sample cup Cell. In combination they form wrinkle-free sample planes and leak-resistant seals.

Alternately available in nominal 32mm diameter sample cups with integrated serrated edged "Snap-On Rings" that allow extraneous thin-film trimming close to the sample cup. Order by catalog number followed by "SE".

*Please see the "Additional Info" tab for analyzer equipment compatibility details.

Spectro Xepos, X-Lab 2000, Xepos Low S, 200, 200T Titan, Phoenix instruments Xenemetrix X-Calibur, X-Cite

IMPORTANT: The provided Collar must clear the serrated "Snap-On Ring" when using the 1730-SE Sample Cups

Cat. No. Open Ends Outside Dia. Max O.D. Aperture Vol Height Price Price for
Qty 20+
Price for
Qty 40+
1730 Single 1.21" (30.7mm) 1.21" (30.7mm) 0.97" (24.6mm) 7 0.91" (23.1mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1730-SE Single 1.21" (30.7mm) 1.21" (30.7mm) 0.97" (24.6mm) 7 0.91" (23.1mm)
$45.00 $40.00
1740 Single 1.54" (39.1mm) 1.54" (39.1mm) 1.26" (32.0mm) 11 0.93" (23.6mm)
$55.00 $50.00