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SpectroPulverizer® In-field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit

    • Prepare samples “in-field” for XRF analysis
    • Portable Grinder/Pellet Press
    • Battery powered
    • Fast and efficient
    • Optional Universal voltage charging kit
    • Lightweight
    • Kit contains all necessary items in rugged carrying case

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The SpectroPulverizer® Portable Sample Grinder/Pelletizer Kit ideally used to prepare samples in-the-field and used in conjunction with any hand-held portable XRF analyzer. Portability offers the flexibility of use as a mobile laboratory for “in-field” preparations and analysis of samples taken from one or multiple location sites without loss of time for results.

The SpectroPulverizer® combination grinder and pelletizer is uniquely designed with integrated double-sided sample chambers. One chamber is designed for grinding samples into very fine powders and the opposite chamber for pelletizing the ground samples into firm durable pellets supported by re-usable stainless steel rings. Sample preparation is extremely energetic, efficient and amazingly fast. The lightweight hand-held unit operates on a long lasting rechargeable 12V Li-ION battery.

The SpectroPulverizer® Kit contains all essential items in individual sculptured dense foam compartments contained in a rugged carrying case that contains:

  • • Portable Grinder/Pelletizer

  • • Sample chamber, base and plunger

  • • 12V Li-ION Battery and recharger

  • • Stainless steel re-usable pellet rings (3)

  • • SpectroVial® brand vials: (8) 20cm3 vials

  • • SpectroBlend® grinding additive (25) ½ gram tablets

  • • Carrying case


® SpectroPulverizer, SpectroVial, SpectroBlend and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Reg. US Patent No: 9,339,954


• Operating Voltage: 12VDC
• Impacts per minute: 2700
• Chamber OD 3" (76.2mm)
• Chamber Height 3.6" (91.5mm)
• Recharger: 120VAC/60HZ 750mA

Universal Voltage option allows recharging from 100-240V AC 50/60Hz or 12V DC



Cat No 932

Cat No 935

Chamber ID





Chamber Height





Chamber Volume





Ring ID





Ring Height





Ring Volume





Cat. No. Description Length Vol Diameter Price Qty
932U SpectroPulverizer® In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit, Grinding Volume 1.81in3 (29.6cm3), Pellet Dia 1.26" (32mm), Universal Voltage 36.8mm (1.45in) 29.6cm3 (1.81in3) 32mm (1.26in)
935U SpectroPulverizer® In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit, Grinding Volume 2.16in3 (35.4cm3), Pellet Dia 1.38" (35mm), Universal Voltage 36.8mm (1.45in) 35.4cm3 (2.16in3) 35mm (1.38in)
940U SpectroPulverizer® In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit, Grinding Volume 2.82in3 (46.2cm3), Pellet Dia 1.57" (40mm), Universal Voltage 36.8mm (1.45in) 46.2cm3 (2.82in3) 40mm (1.57in)