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Multi-SpectroVial® Adaptors

    • Expand range of SpectroMill® applications
    • Process One or More Different Samples Together
    • Fabricated of Aluminum with anodized hard-coat

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The Multi SpectroVial® Adaptor extends the number of samples accommodated by SpectroMill® Ball Pestle Impact Grinder/Mixer. Simply insert one or more SpectroVial® plastic polystyrene comminution vials or SpectroVial® metallic vials corresponding to the appropriate Multi-cavity sizes and place the entire assembly in the SpectroMill® vial clamping mechanism for processing. These handy devices are very useful for comminuting or blending similar or completely different samples at one time in the SpectroMill®-I, SpectroMill®-TS and SpectroMill®-II Grinder/Mixer.

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Cat. No. Description Price Qty
1181 SpectroVial® Adaptors; Holds 1 SpectroVial: Cat.No. 1122, 1133, 1143, 1151, 1162
1183 SpectroVial® Adaptors; Holds 3 SpectroVials: Cat.No. 1121, 1122, 1143, 1151, 1152, 1161, 1162
1185 SpectroVial® Adaptors; Holds 5 SpectroVials: Cat.No. 1121, 1151, 1161