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Microporous Polypropylene Gas Permeable Film

     Equalizes pressure differentials within sample cups and sample chamber

    Maintains flat thin-film sample support window planes

    Maintains uniform target-to-sample distances

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Microporous Film is a gas permeable membrane that enables the analysis of non-volatile liquid and powdered sample substances in helium flushes or vacuum. Pressure differentiates within the sample cup and sample chamber are equalized while maintaining a taut thin-film sample support plane. The Series 1500 XRF Sample Cups are designed for use with Microporous Film.

One of two supplied "Snap-On Rings" included with the 1500 Series Sample Cups is used to attach Microporous Film to the Cell neck of the open end of the sample cup nearest the outer integrated flange.

The sample cup Cell is designed with the unique "bead-to-indent" geometry that creates taut thin-film sample support planes and effective seals against leakage.

The second included "Snap-On Ring" is used to affix a thin-film sample support window to the opposite open end of the sample cup.

In practice, the illustrated assembly procedure is reversed. The thin-film sample support is attached first enabling one or more sample cups to be conveniently filled from the top end; Microporous Film is attached last.

Microporous Film is also available in Easy-to-Use Precut Circles for elimination of trimming and convenience of attachment to Chemplex® XRF Sample Cups.

*Note: Catalog No. 325 is supplied in unserrated metal edge boxes.


  • Porosity: 55%
  • Pore Size: 0.21μm x 0.05μm
  • Thickness: 25μm, (0.001”)
  • Softening Temperature: Approx. 155°C
  • Melting Temperature: Approx. 165°C
Cat. No. Type Thickness Format Size Qty/Pack Price Qty
325-C Micropourous 25µm (1.0mil) Precut Circles 2.5" (63.5mm) 100
325 Micropourous 25µm (1.0mil) Roll 3.0" (76.2mm) 200" (5.08m)