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3000-1: XRD Mineralogy Set; 50 different minerals

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    ● 50 assorted mineralogy substances
    ● XRD diffraction, refractive index, birefringence and optical microscopy
    ● Alpha-numerically indexed
    ● Lid chart indexed to vial locations

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The XRD Mineralogy Set is a collection of 50 different mineralogical substances for non-destructive material characterization, analytical identification and comparison studies with diversified instrumentation inclusive of refractive index, birefringence microscopy and x-ray diffraction. Each mineral is initially hand selected for high concentration content, comminuted to a uniform 44 µm particle size.

Approximately ½cc of each of the listed substances is contained in a labeled glass vial sealed with a polycone screw cap. The vials are organized in a protective polyfoam block and packaged in a protective case. The inside lid contains a reference chart alpha-numerically indexed to the mineral vial positions for easy identification and retrieval.

® Chemplex is a registered trademark of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Minerals Content

The XRD Mineralogy set contains the following minerals:

Albite     Cassiterite     Lepidolite     Pumice     Spodumente
Amazonite   Celestite   Microline   Pyroxdenite   Tetrahedrite
Anhydrite   Cryolite   Monzonite   Quartz   Titanite
Apatite   Epidote   Nepheline   Rhodochrosite   Topaz
Anorthoclase   Fluorite   Obsidian   Rutile   Tourmaline
Azurite   Glauconite   Olivine   Scheelite   Tremolite
Barite   Grossular   Opal   Serpentine   Vesuvianite
Beryl   Gypsum   Orpiment   Siderite   Wollastonite
Biotite   Hornblende   Parthite   Sodalite   Zincite
Calcite   Labradorite   Prehnite   Sphalerite   Zircon

Note: Chemplex® Industries, Inc. reserves the right to substitute compounds and purities depending upon availability without advance notifications. This product is intended for relative comparison studies and not suggested for use as primary standards. The minerals are originally extracted from naturally occurring sites and may contain additional crystalline compounds. The judicious use and applications of this product resides solely with the purchaser and/or user.