30-1000-WW.WWW: PreWeighed FusionFlux® Formulation Lithium Tetraborate 100% (Li2B4O7)

30-1000-WW.WWW: PreWeighed FusionFlux® Formulation Lithium Tetraborate 100% (Li2B4O7)

FusionFlux® Formulation

FusionFlux® Formulation

31-1000: FusionFlux® Formulation Lithium Tetraborate 100% (Li2B4O7); 2.2lb (1Kg)

Chemplex® FusionFlux® formulations are made from high quality borate materials, pre-fused to ensure a uniformed mixture that is used to obtain consistent results. Choose the formulation that best suits your sample for optimal fusion results.


Multiple formulations and low melting points

Highest purity

Non-wetting Agent pre-fused in the FusionFlux®


Uniform particle size




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The flux fusion process is an effective and simple method for preparing powdered sample substances for XRF, ICP and AA analysis. The method is based on the dissolution of a sample in conjunction with an appropriate fluxing ingredient at an appropriate temperature. For direct XRF analysis, the molten mixture is cast into glass-like beads or further processed for ICP or AA solution analysis. The most effective fluxing agents are lithium borates as represented by Chemplex® FusionFlux® Formulations.

Attributes of FusionFlux® Formulations

Pre-Fused: reduces exceeding the volumetric capacity of crucibles to maintain sample-to-fusion flux ratio recipes and avert the potential possibility of spill over.

High Purity: reduces the introduction of potentially influential foreign element contamination by selectively controlling the starting material purity and the pre-fusion process.

Low Melting Point: assures the dissolution process at effective temperatures but safely below temperatures of constituent elements considered sensitive to volatility loss.

Low LOI: eliminates time consuming accounting for loss on ignition; typically less than 0.03% loss on ignition.

Anhydrous: reduces water content and eliminates the conventional procedure of drying prior to use.

Homogeneity: ensures compositionally similar constituent particles for homogeneous melts.

Granulation: promotes uniform particle size, configuration and distribution by minimizing the introduction of "dust" particles to insignificant levels of concern; typically contain less than 0.05% particles less than 100 microns.

Diversified Mixtures: offers the flexibility of selecting from assorted mixtures of different melting points to reduce eutectic melting temperatures of samples and controlling volatile element evolvement.

Non-wetting agents: (NWA) help reduce the surface tension of the sample solution and make it less prone to sticking to the platinum ware. Each sample does not require a lot of non-wetting agents and Chemplex® FusionFlux® formulations are available with the preset concentrations of the Non-wetting agent. It is highly recommended to use non-wetting agents to lengthen the platinum ware life.

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Concentration, PPM Typical Trace Impurities Elements
< 10 Al, Ca, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Ni, P, Pb, S, Si, Zn

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