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From time to time, Chemplex® has overproduced certain items consisting of specialty custom manufactured products, demo equipment that has been used in non-operating modes for exhibition purposes only and overproduction products. They are being offered in this section for sale at tremendous savings. All applicable new equipment is offered for sale with original new product warranties.

Please periodically check this section for items offered for sale that may be of interest to you. They are tremendously discounted and offer savings on a first come basis preference of purchase order and payment receipt. Payment limited to Visa, Master and American Express credit cards only and while supplies lasts. All special sales are final.

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Leftover NEW Series 30T: SpectroPress® Semi-Automatic; 115VAC/60Hz


30 Ton Integrated


This SpectroPress® features:


  • 30 Tons of force
  • Fast response time
  • Self-centering Chemplex die-sets on innovative platen.
  • Sime two button operation; Up and Down
  • High visibility analog gauge indcates tons in one-time increments
  • 1 Year Guarantee included
  • Includes Integrated Die (Specify one)
    • 32mm: Cat No. 4332-115
    • 35mm: Cat No. 4335-115
    • 40mm: Cat No. 4340-115




  • Voltage: 115VAC/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 14.5" (37cm) long X 14.5" (37cm) wide X 18.5" (18.5cm) high
  • Weight: 210 lbs (95Kg)10


Special Price: 13,250.00  12,250.00

 (Limited quantities available, while supplies last)