SpectroSulfur® Analyzer Single Open-Ended XRF Sample Cup

SpectroSulfur® Analyzer Single Open-Ended XRF Sample Cup

Oxford Specific

The Chemplex® line of Oxford Specific sample cups are designed to be used within the Oxford instruments with and without the L-242 Aluminum sample holder. 


Replacement cups to use wiht the L242 Aluminum sample holder/p>

Replacement cups to use without the L242 Aluminum sample holder

Vented friction fitting cover or One open end


100 sets per package

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Order 20-39 packages and receive $5.00 off standard price per package

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Made in USA

Vented friction-fitting cap equalizes pressure differentials within assembled sample cup. Integrated external overflow reservoir captures thermally sensitive liquid samples. Integrated upper Cell flange physically prevents Cell from uncontrollable retraction or protrusion from the lower edge of the aluminum sample holder. Averts re-preparations and ensures reproducible x-ray data. Close manufacturing tolerances enable and facilitate insertion and particularly removal from aluminum sample holder. Use with Oxford x-ray analyzers requiring user L240 aluminum sample cup holders with interior “O” ring seals. Replacement sample cups plus vented caps for Oxford aluminum L242 sample cup holder. *Please see the "Additional Info" tab for sample cup compatibility details.

More Information

Instrument Compatibility

The following table lists some known sample cup compatibilities and provided for reference purposes. This is not an exhaustive list and serves as a guideline. Please check dimensions of the sample holder and compare them to the sample cup dimensions. Samples are available upon request to verify sample cup compatibilities.

Manuf Models Sample Cup Cat No
Bruker S2 Puma 2140, 2143, 2144 & 2154
Bruker S2 Puma w/ Xflash 2143, 2144 & 2154
Bruker S2 Ranger 2143
Bruker S4 2140
Bruker S8 w/ Flex Loader 2143, 2144 & 2154
Bruker S8 Tiger 2143, 2144, 2154, 1095 & 2195
Horiba SLFA Units 1850, 1083 & 1084
Horiba 6100/6800/60A 1086 & 1087
Horiba Mesa 7220 1083, 1850 & 3130 ( use 7220-P or 7220-S locating ring)
Innov-X Hand Held Units 1330, 1330-SE & 1340
Oxford Lab-X 1940L, 1940-Ox
Oxford MDX 1935-ox, 1940-ox
Oxford Replacement Cells 54-LX6922 1440L
Oxford Replacement Cells & Covers: 54-CK-100 1935-ox
Oxford Replacement Cells & Covers: 54-CK-100 and L242 Holder 1940-ox
Malvern Panalytical Epsilon 3XL, MiniPal 2135
Malvern Panalytical Axios P2
Malvern Panalytical Epsilon 5 2145, 2146
Malvern Panalytical Venus 200 1095, 2195
Rigaku Mini-Z


Rigaku Primus, Rix, ZSX-100

1095, 2195

Spectro XEPOS, Xepos Low S, Xepos IQ, X-Lab 2000, 200, 200T Titan, Phoenix 1060, 1065, 1070, 1075, Series 1300, Series 1400, Series 1500, Series 1700, Series 1800, 1930, 1930-SE, 1940, 2131, 2132
Spectro IQ 2132
Spectro Phoenix II 2131
Spectro Scout 3106, 3110, 3115 & 3120
Thermo Advant'x 2146
Xenemetrix X-Calibur, X-Cite 2131, 2132, 2132S, 1540
XOS Sindie®, Clora, Signal, HD Maxine, Phoebe, Peta 1083, 1084 & 1850
XOS Sindie 3rd Generation 3130 & 3132


Chemplex® XRF sample cups are made from virgin HDPE and can be recycled. Please contact your local county or municipality to determine your local recycling options and produdures.


® Sindie, Clora, HD Maxine, Phoebe, Signal are registered trademarks of XOS Inc.

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