Thin-Film Selection Guide

Chemplex® has a new Thin-Film Selection Guide Windows application available for download. The Thin-Film Selection Guide Windows Guide is an interactive application enabling the user to explore different thin-films to deterime the perfect one to suit their applications. Click here to get to the Thin-Film Selection Guide.

G-Series Fluxer

You are in charge with the Chemplex® G-Series fluxer. The G-Series allows you to control the fusion process and generate consistent, first-class, analytical results in less than 10 minutes. That makes the Chemplex® gas fluxer the perfect choice for high-throughput laboratories. Click for more details or contact for assistance.

Platinum Ware

Chemplex® now has a full line of platinum ware inclusive of crucibles, casting dishes, lids and tongs for use with virtually all major fusion machines. Click for more details. Please contact our team of Fusion sales personnel for assistance.

Pre-assembled Sample Cups

Chemplex® offers a line of Pre-Assembled Stackable XRF Sample Cups which have the thin-film windows already attached and are ready for use. They are specially packaged in tubes to allow for maximum window protection. Contact for assistance.