Chemplex® platinum ware consists of one or more highly refined precious metals, predominantly platinum and gold. The most commonly used alloy for fusion flux applications is comprised of 95% platinum and 5% gold. This specific combination imparts a negative coefficient of adhesion characteristic to the alloy commonly referred to as non-wetting. This important feature enables complete pours of solubilized samples for ICP, AA and XRF analysis with avoidance of potential elusive droplet adherence to the platinum ware. For ICP and AA analysis, the molten pour is transferred to a suitable beaker for further processing. With XRF analysis, the molten sample is simply cast into a pre-heated molding dish and allowed to cool to solidification for relieving potential stress or strain-crack developments. The iso-formed glass sample disc is easily removed from the casting dish for direct XRF analysis without further preparation.

In the manufacture of Chemplex® platinum crucibles and casting dishes, extra precautionary care istaken to eliminate surface imperfections that can potentially impair the-free flow of the molten sample mixture or loss of a minute sample droplet through adhesion or imperfect surfaces. Even the smallest imperfection may potentially affect the performance of the crucible, the molding dish and particularly the quality of the cast sample disc surface. Chemplex® platinum ware is precision manufactured to exact dimensions and weights followed by dynamic polishing stages to ensure the highest degree of quality. Each article is subjected to a final demanding inspection and a thorough cleaning stage to ensure complete user satisfaction of use.

Chemplex® crucibles, casting dishes, lids and tongs are available for use with virtually all major fusion machines including: Autofluxer, Chemplex®, Claisse, Eagon 2, Katanax, Nieka, Perl’X, Phoenix, Schoeps, Vulcan and xrFuse. Assorted reinforced crucible bottoms, sides, rims, pouring spouts, pins and standard high form crucibles and casting dishes are available in addition to a variety of platinum tipped tong sizes.

Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP) is available. Instead of purchasing new platinum ware, the Chemplex® Platinum Replacement Exchange Program, PREP, gives you the option of exchanging unusable crucibles and casting dishes for credit towards replacement platinum ware at incredibly affordable prices. Contact our team of Fusion sales personnel to help you evaluate the best program that best suits your needs and receive a current quotation at

• Platinum Ware to fit all fusion machines

• Different alloys available, 100% Platinum. 95%Ptatinum/5% Gold

• Crucibles, Lids, Dishes, Molds, Tongs, Re-shapers

• Precision made; highest quality

• Serialized for asset tracking

• Platinum ware Replacement Exchange Program





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