Chemplex SpectroCertified® XRF Sample Cups Technical Data

Chemplex Industries, Inc. maintains a design engineering department together with a contemporary equipped machine shop facility. Chemplex® products are manufactured “in-house” starting from the initial product conception, design, prototype, testing, and evaluation stages to finished inventoried products. In many instances, the machinery to make a product is not available necessitating the “in house” design and custom fabrication of the actual production equipment.

The design of sample cups begins with an innovative idea for a method of containing and handling liquid and powdered sample substances for x-ray analysis. Many Chemplex® XRF Sample Cup designs and applications are classified as innovatively unique and have been awarded intellectual property status with the USPTO.

With a battery of injection molding machines and adjunct equipment in its manufacturing section, sample cups are: manufactured on a daily basis; subject to quality control at the production stage; packaged and labeled to avoid contamination; and inventoried under a protective environment to maintain their original quality and to assure prompt delivery.
SpectroCertified® XRF Sample Cup Quality Starts with a Special
Formulated Polyethylene

Chemplex® XRF Sample Cups are injection molded from a proprietary high-density polyethylene specially formulated for this application. The material is characterized with:

  • Compliance with RoHS Directive
  • Absence of “whitening” agents that may potentially influence x-ray data
  • Lubricity to facilitate the smooth and firm attachment of thin-film sample support windows
  • Physical characteristics for performance and resistance to thermal and irradiation exposure
  • Chemical resistance from contact with incalculable sample material substances
  • Low trace element impurities
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Typical Characteristics of Chemplex® XRF Sample Cups

Typical Trace Element Impurities, PPM Melting Point, °C (°F) Softening Point, °C (°F)
Ca, Mg, Ti, Al, P, Zn                               130 (266)                 123 (253)

® SpectroCertified and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc. May be made under one or more of the following patents: 5,630,989 and 7,722,821.