4432i-230: Series T40: Automatic Integrated 32mm Die 40 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press; 230VAC/50Hz

4432i-230: Series T40: Automatic Integrated 32mm Die 40 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press; 230VAC/50Hz

4432i-115: Series T40: Automatic Integrated 32mm Die 40 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press; 115VAC/60Hz

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The Automatic Integrated 40 Ton Pellet Press is available to busy laboratories routinely briquetting powdered samples to one diameter size and handling a contemporary heavy and bulky die set is too awkward and time consuming.

Makes XRF Sample Pellets Easy

Compact counter top installation

Integrated Die: Choose 32, 35 or 40mm diameter

Motorized Anvil Positioning

Touch-Screen LCD User Interfaced

Programmable Force, Dwell Time, Die Size & Pressure

Illuminated Sample Chamber

Cycle Completion Alert

Safety Shield

The Automatic Integrated Die 40 Ton Pellet Press redefines powdered sample pelletizing, briquetting, though Integrated Die Assembly technology. This is a perfect match for those laboratories routinely engaged in preparing samples to the same diameter. Using the Automatic 40 Ton Pellet Press laboratories can realize a savings in time and effort by eliminating handling cumbersome die sets.

The SpectroPress® is easily operated through a touch-screen LCD display that enables the operator to program all operational parameters, even store them to various methods for use at a later time.

Operation is simple: prepare a sample in a compressible aluminum PelletCups® briquetting cup preferably using the hand-held Powder Sample Compactor to pre-fill and pack the PelletCups® prior to the pelletizing operation. Place the sample on the integrated die and press the Start button. The SpectroPress® will lower the sample into the integrated die chamber and then prompt the operator to place the die cap over the sample. Once the die cap is in place the SpectroPress® will move the anvil into position, create the pellet according to the pre-programmed force and dwell settings. The SpectroPress® will prompt the operator to move a release lever to aid in removal of stubborn pellets as may be required, swing the anvil out of the way and lift the sample and die cap up out of the integrated die chamber for the operator to remove in readiness for ensuing preparations.

The use of optionally available compressible tapered aluminum PelletCups® briquetting cups is mandatory for effective automation, cleanliness and for forming firm, durable sample pellets. Use of the Powdered Sample Compactor to pre-fill and pre-compact samples in PelletCups® is strongly recommended. This procedure will increase the likelihood of uniformity of packing densities in the sample cups and greatly help in minimizing or completely eliminating inadvertent powder spillovers and ensuing cleanups after the operation.

The Chemplex® Automatic Integrated Die 40 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press is designed with unsurpassed features truly representative of current technology, innovation, quality and functionality:

Counter top installation; small footprint: 10.7" (27.1cm) W X 14.6" (37.1cm) D X 16.9" (42.9cm) H

Integrated Die Assembly: Select 32, 35 or 40mm diameters

Motorized Anvil Positioning

Touch-screen LCD User Interface; all operations and programming are through touch-screen entries

Programmable Methods include

Force: 10 to 40 tons in 0.1 ton increments

Dwell time: 6 sec to 10 minutes in 1 second increments

Die Size: 32mm, 35mm or 40mm diameters

Pressure: Program Pressure in PSI and SpectroPress® will adjust force according to selected die size

Multiple Method Storage/Recall: ability to create and store different methods, and easily recall previously stored methods.

Rapid ram rise and retraction; translates into faster pelletizing

Illuminated working chamber

Cycle completion alert

Safety shield

® SpectroPress, PelletCups and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

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Die Size: 1.25" (32mm)

Force: 10 to 40 Tons (0.1 ton increments)

Dwell: 6 seconds to 10 minutes (1 second increments)

Length: 10.7" (27.1cm)

Width: 14.6" (37.1cm)

Height:16.9" (42.9cm)

Weight:300 lbs (136Kg)


115 VAC/60HZ

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