5100-230: GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder with Programmable Intensity of Impact Control, 230VAC/50HZ

5100-230: GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder with Programmable Intensity of Impact Control, 230VAC/50HZ

5100-115: GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder with Programmable Intensity of Impact Control, 115VAC/60HZ

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GyralGrinder® powdered sample grinder reduces innumerable types of samples to a uniform particle size, shape and distribution for XRF analysis in just minutes. The grinding process is extremely energetic, fast and thorough.


Gyral force technology

Automatic Single Lever Grinding Dish Locking/Release Mechanism

Ergonomic floor model reduces user fatigue

Reliable routine operation; only a single moving part

Heavy duty ¾ HP motor

Touch-Screen LCD User Interfaced

Programmable Impact Duration Time

Programmable Impact Intensity

Programmable Impact Intensity Dither

Cycle Completion Alert

Different Grinding vessel materials available (Sold separately)

Hardened Steel

Tungsten Carbide

Zirconia Ceramic

The GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder is a floor standing machine standard to innumerable x-ray laboratories for crushing geological, cement, raw-mix, sinters, slags and many other types of sample substances. It is a highly energetic impaction device engineered to reduce sample particles to a uniform size, shape and configuration in just moments of operation. Through innovative technological advancements, the GyralGrinder® now incorporates advanced features designed to improve grinding efficiency, effectiveness and programmability through state-of-the-art technology. The GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder is the perfect tool to be used for grinding: Catalysts, Cement, Chemicals, Clinkers, Coal, Coke, Concrete, Ferro-alloys, Fertilizer, Fluxes, Glass, Iron ores, Limestone, Minerals, Pesticides, Ores, Raw Mix, Refractories, Rocks, Sand, Sinters, Slags, Dry Soil and many other substances requiring uniform particle size reduction, configuration and distribution for homogeneous XRF samples in reduced time and effort.

Principle of Operation

The principle of operation is based on creating a controlled imbalanced condition to a grinding vessel containing a puck, ring and the sample. The grinding vessel, puck and ring are fabricated of the same material to maximize and maintain uniformity of hardness. The gyral mechanics move the secured dish and free moving puck, ring and sample material in a lateral and pseudo-circular motion and out-of-phase with each other for imminent energetic collision occurrences. The collisions are greatly intensified by the gyral motions and responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring machine.

Intensity of Impact Control

The GyralGrinder® Puck and Ring Grinder include provision to alter the intensity and frequency of impacts. This and other novel features enable the analyst to select the optimum condition for grinding sample substances by alternating the frequency of impacts through built-in controls. The GyralGrinder® includes a Dither control that allows the Intensity of Impact to be automatically varied over a programmable percentage of full scale range to improve grinding results. The Intensity of Impact and Time are programmable to automatically change the Intensity of Impact at various points in time of the grinding cycle.

Easy Single-Hand Vessel Clamping Mechanism

The grinding dish clamping mechanism is uniquely engineered to operate with the use of only a single lever. A safety self-locking device integrated with the lever prevents the inadvertent release of the clamping lever during operation. The entire clamping mechanism swings to one side for increased full access to the working chamber. These operations are performed using just one hand.

Ergonomic Design Lessens Operator’s Fatigue

The GyralGrinder® is ergonomically designed for functionality, convenience and consideration to lessen operator fatigue. All operations and controls are intentionally positioned at waist-high levels and close proximity to the machine. The working chamber is accessible by raising the rear-hinged safety lid with the aid of two gas filled springs to further minimize effort. The front panel controls are located on the front of the safety lid. The safety lid must remain closed in order for any grinding operations to commence.

Typical Grinding Test Results with a GyralGrinder® Machine

Substance Initial Size

Intensity of


Wt. % Passing

Through 44µm





Asbestos Fibers High 100 9
Cement, Portland > 60 mesh Moderate 100 4
Ferro-chromium > 100 mesh High 100 6
Ferro-manganese > 200 mesh High 100 5
Ferro-molybdenum < 80 mesh High 100 8
Ferro-niobium < 80 mesh High 100 5
Ferro-silicon < 80 mesh Moderate 100 6
Ferro-titanium < 80 mesh Moderate 100 7
Fiberglass Fibers Moderate 100 4
Fluorspar > 100 mesh Moderate 100 5
Glass, soda lime Chunks Low 100 6
Graphite Fiber Low 100 4
Oil shale 5 mm Low 100 5
Phosphate > 60 mesh Low 100 4
Silicon dioxide < 10 mesh Moderate 100 4
Slag, blast furnace Chunks High 100 7

Note: The information described in the aforementioned chart is provided to serve as a guide; it insinuates the potential performance of the comminution machine and does not necessarily represent or imply a sample preparation procedure or actuality owing to wide variations within sample types and operating parameters. Judicial independent testing and empirical investigation of individual samples to singularly or in conjunction with other techniques or devices to evaluate and determine the most appropriate operating conditions are recommended.

*Grinding vessels are sold separately

® GyralGrinder and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc

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Length 24" (61cm)

Depth: 24" (61cm)

Height: 43" (110cm):

Weight: 446 lbs (203 Kg)


115VAC 60 Hz

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