70-60025: SpectroStandards® Polysulfide Standards

70-60025: SpectroStandards® Polysulfide Standards

70-60100: SpectroStandards® Polysulfide Standards

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SpectroStandards® polysulfide formulations contain the necessary properties ideally suitable for XRF spectrochemical analytical applications:

SpectroStandards® polysulfide formulations contain the necessary properties ideally suitable for XRF spectrochemical analytical applications:

  • Purity
  • Reliability
  • Low Volatility
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Consistency
  • Storability at Room Temperature
  • Stability at High X-Ray Tube Wattage
  • Miscibility with Petroleum Products

Chemplex calibration polysulfide SpectroStandards® are formulated from refined high-purity, sulfur-free, low viscosity starting materials. They are blended by serial mass dilution to 4 significant places with a petroleum base and certified by reference to NIST standard reference materials. Appropriate Certificates of Analysis accompany each SpectroStandard. The formulated polysulfides are miscible with lubricating and mineral oils, diesel and ultra clean fuels, high weight percent sulfur content in crude and residual oils; and low vapor pressure that inhibits thin-film sample support diffusion. Polysulfide is characterized with a long shelf life and stability at room temperature.

Polysulfide calibration standards are in compliance with recent revisions of ASTM D2622 and D4294 methods that indicate the acceptable use of polysulfide oil standards.

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Calibration SpectroStandards®, Single Bottle Units

Formulated with unsulfonated organo-metallic concentrates and diluted to concentration with sulfur-free lubricating oil, 20 cSt. viscosity. Ideally suitable for instrument standardization procedures by XRF, AA, ICP or AE applications where the presence of sulfur potentially presents interference issues.

Quality Control and Drift SpectroStandards® Formulations

Quality control and drift standards are used to adjust for any changes in instrument sensitivity over a given term of operation, as determined by each laboratory, and to reduce or eliminate the need to effect time consuming and costly recalibrations. High purity polysulfide formulations have long shelf lives and are resistant to degradation. They are formulated from a concentrate and provided in convenient one liter size bottles to ensure uniform consistency and dispensing freshly prepared quantities as required. Drift corrections are generally performed whenever the quality control data moves beyond acceptable limits. With multiple instruments, Quality Control and Drift standards are ideally applicable to multiple x-ray instrument laboratories, inter-laboratory and plant installations for uniformity of performance and cost effectiveness by drawing from liter size bottle quantities.

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