XRF Sample Cup Work Stations

XRF Sample Cup Work Stations

1300: Universal Snap-On Ring Fastener

1300: Universal Snap-On Ring Fastener

Palm-Held Thin-Film Window Fasteners

Held in the palm, this handy device effortlessly aids in attaching "Snap-On Rings" and Sleeves to XRF Sample Cups. Averts contamination by contact during assembly, allows uniform application of pressure, eliminates "Snap-On Ring" and Sleeve misalignment and ensures taut thin-film sample support planes; ideally suitable for multiple sample preparations.


Facilitates thin-film window attachments

Small Handy and easy-to-use

Concentrically applies uniform force

Ensures wrinkle-free sample planes

Useable with most Chemplex® XRF Sample Cups (See additional information)

Durable aluminum construction

Held in the palm, this handy device greatly facilitates attaching thin-film sample support windows to Chemplex® XRF Sample Cups supplied with "Snap-On Rings" or TrimLess® Sleeves. It enables applying a uniform force to "Snap-On Rings" or TrimLess® Sleeves during the thin-film assembly procedure that eliminates misalignment, circumferentially stretches thin-film across the sample cup aperture and forms unwrinkled thin-film sample support window planes. This amazing feat is accomplished through a progressive series of counter-bores compatible to respective sample cup diameter sizes. The glossy smooth black hard coat finish adds to the ease of assembly.

® TrimLess and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

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Palm-Held Fastener Selection Guide

 The following table lists the Palm-Held Fastener and the compatible Chemplex® Sample Cups.

  Cat. No          

For use with Chemplex® Sample Cups Cat. No.


SERIES 1000, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1700, 1800, 2100, 1900 except 1935-ox and 1940-ox


3130, 3132, 3135



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Fits: SERIES 1000, 1300, 1400 , 1500, 1700, 1800, 2100, 1900 except 1935-ox and 1940ox
Fits: 3130, 3132, 3135