Platinum Ware: Perl'X Specific

Platinum Ware: Perl'X Specific

7879-10-030-065-PE: Perl'X Specific: Platinum and Gold (5%) Mold, 30mm/65mm

7879-10-030-065-PE: Perl'X Specific: Platinum and Gold (5%) Mold, 30mm/65mm

7879-09-040-PE: Perl'X: Platinum and Gold (5%) Crucible, 40mm, Cylindrical Version with Rim

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Chemplex® platinum ware consists of one or more highly refined precious metals which makes them a perfect fit for XRF, ICP and AA analysis. This platinum ware is precision manufactured to exact dimensions and weights followed by dynamic polishing stages to ensure the highest degree of quality. Each individual component is engraved with a serial number to aid in asset tracking.


Specific for Perl'X Fusion machines

Precision Made

Various Alloys (most common)

Platinum 100%

Platinum 95%, Gold 5%

Serialized for asset tracking

Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP)

Chemplex® platinum ware consists of highly refined precious metals: 100% platinum or 95% platinum and 5% gold. with others are available upon request. The combination of platinum and gold imparts a negative coefficient of adhesion characteristic commonly referred to as “non-wetting. This important feature enables complete pours of solubilized samples for ICP, AA and XRF analysis with avoidance of potential elusive droplets adhering to the platinum ware. For ICP and AA analysis, the molten pour is transferred to a beaker for further processing. With XRF analysis, the molten sample is poured into a mold and allowed to cool creating what is referred to a bead. Upon cooling to solidification, the sample disc is easily removed for direct XRF analysis without further preparation.

In the manufacturing of Chemplex® platinum crucibles and molds extra precautionary care is taken to avoid introducing undesirable surface markings. Even the smallest imperfection may potentially influence the performance of the crucible, the mold and quality of the sample disc surface. All Chemplex® platinum ware is highly polished to mirror quality reflection, thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to packaging and delivery.

Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP)

Instead of purchasing new platinum ware the Chemplex® Platinum Replacement Exchange program may be right for you. Please click here for details on the PREP or contact our team of experts at

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Perl'X Specific Crucible

The following table lists some critical dimensions for the Perl'X Specific Crucibles.

Please refer to the dimensional image for the Perl'X Crucible.







Internal Bottom




Total Flange Diameter






Bottom Thickness













Cylindrical version with rim

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