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Platinum Ware: Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP)

    • Recycle unusable Platinum ware
    • Receive credit for recycled Platinum ware
    • Receive brand new Platinum ware at a fraction of the cost

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Fusion platinum ware will require replacement over time. Many laboratories collect and set aside unusable platinum ware and sell it off at scrap metal prices. The laboratoies must then purchase new platinum ware at prevailing prices. Chemplex® offers a practical approach to replace unusable fusion platinum ware in exchange for new platinum ware.

This Chemplex® Platinum Replacement Exchange Program provides new platinum ware in exchange for your unusable platinum ware at affordable prices. Simply send your unusable fusion platinum ware, receive a credit for its precious metal content and receive your new, not reconditioned, platinum ware and you only need to pay for the difference.

Contact our team of Fusion sales personnel to help you determine which best suits your needs and receive a current quotation at fusion@chemplex.com.

Cat. No. Description Qty
78-01 Platinum Replacement Exchange Program (PREP) (Enter details in Quote comments)